Which Body Scrub is right for you?


Inhale the beautiful fragrances our Body Scrubs have to offer to brighten your day – and body!

The ECOCOCO Body Scrubs are designed to be dry scrubs to stimulate, detox, buff and exfoliate.

All scrubs are enriched with our signature ingredient Coconut Oil so they certainly don’t leave your skin dry! In fact, they are hydrating and nourishing making for the perfect everyday skincare essential. Formulated with Sea Salt, our Body Scrubs provide intense exfoliation, removing old and dead skin cells while detoxifying your skin and improving circulation.

We’ve highlighted the benefits for each of our Body Scrubs below to help you choose which will suit you best!

The Spa Edition  /  Stress Free
Sea Salt, Coconut Oil and our special blend of Essential Oils allow you to experience the relaxing sensation of a spa treatment and unwind in your own home. Essential Oils use aromatics to transport you into a spa-like state of tranquility, releasing unwanted tension and stress. The blend consists of Orange Peel Oil, Lime Oil, Geranium Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, Patchouli Oil and Rose Otto Oil.

Coconut Lime  /  Brightening + Tightening
Made with Natural and Organic ingredients and infused with a zesty Coconut and a tropical Lime twist that invigorates and hydrates the skin while treating acne, pimples and blemishes. Lime also possesses astringent properties and can be used to tighten pores to provide a brighter and flawless complexion.

Coconut Guava  /  Radiance + Hydrating
The subtle uplifting elegant and sophisticated fragrance of this Coconut and Guava body scrub will elevate your senses. Sea Salt, Coconut Oil and Guava are the ideal combination for promoting radiance and hydrating your skin.

Coconut Vanilla  /  Soothing + Moisturising
Containing  a unique blend of Natural and Certified Organic ingredients, this potent polish renews skin and restores softness to deliver instant lustrous, radiant skin. Vanilla extract contains specific antioxidants that are vital in anti-aging skin benefits, these antioxidants can soothe wrinkles and heal damaged skin.

Coconut Lavender  /  Relaxation + Rejuvenating
The aromatic scent of Lavender instantly relaxes your body and mind, unwind and release your tensions. Lavender combats skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis while the Salt helps rejuvenate the skins surface leaving it feeling smooth.

Charcoal Peppermint  /  Detoxifying + Invigorating
Sea Salt, Coconut Oil, Charcoal and Peppermint are the ideal combination for detoxifying and invigorating your skin. Activated charcoal is known for its detoxing properties, as it absorbs toxins from your skin. This scrub is recommend for light, gentle use on non-sensitive areas of your skin.

Use any of these Body Scrubs as the perfect ECOCOCO Self Tan skin preparatory or an exfoliator to remove old tan. Alternatively, add a ¼ cup to your bath, for an indulgent relaxing ritual.

Healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness.’