The Spa Edition Body Scrub

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Treat your skin to a deep and detoxifying cleanse with ECOCOCO’s new Spa Editions Body Scrub infused with Essential Oils. Sea Salt + Coconut Oil + Essential Oils allows you to experience the relaxing sensation of a spa treatment in your own home.

Sea Salt is known to provide intense exfoliation, removing old and dead skin cells

Coconut Oil hydrates and moisturises the skin

Essential Oils use aromatics to transport you into a spa-like state of tranquility, releasing  unwanted tension and stress – with a beautifiul blend of Orange Peel Oil, Lime Oil and Geranium Oil

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Directions: Apply a handful of Salt Scrub evenly all over your body. Massage in circular motions for the best result. Exfoliate 2-3 times per week, or once a week if you are using the ECOCOCO Tanning Range.

We highly recommend putting 1/4 cup of The Spa Edition into your bath as a de-stressing and detoxifying bath soak.