What to Avoid When Switching to Natural Skincare


If you’ve been seeing the words ‘organic’, ‘natural’ and ‘clean’ making its rounds in the beauty/skincare sphere, you’re not imagining it. We’re becoming more conscious of what goes on our skin. Skincare sales in Australia are growing every year and this increase, according to The Australian Financial Review, has been boosted by the 25-30% growth in dermo-cosmetics and natural brands. A simple browse through Instagram’s #naturalskincare shows 3.2million posts and counting, as skincare + beauty lovers grow increasingly aware of the benefits (and risks) of ingredients found in their beauty regimes.

It's easy to get lost in the plethora of buzzwords, so here are a few things we avoid at ECOCOCO.

Detergents + surfactants found in shampoo and cleansers, sulphates are typically added to products to create additional foam and lather. Though it removes oils and dirt, it can also dry out the skin and strip off natural oils which can cause irritation and worsen acne or skin conditions like eczema. To avoid them, look out for ingredients like SLS and SLES in your products.

Parabens are preservatives introduced in the 1950s, and prolong shelf life by keeping bacteria from growing in products. Though parabens don’t currently have conclusive evidence of health risks, it has been found to penetrate and stay in the skin. If you’d rather be safe, there are many alternatives to preservatives you can look for in products like sodium benzoate or vegetable glycerine.

This goes without saying. Though not an ingredient in itself, we believe in creating clean products without harming animals in the process. Though you may think most brands have switched to alternatives of animal testing, you’d be surprised to see some big names are still participating in it. Avoiding this is easy, and simple searches online can confirm if your favourite brand is cruelty-free.

This week’s top picks for natural products:

  • Lavender Body Oil: Powerful antioxidant with calming properties, lavender helps relax the skin and tired muscles. This works great when rubbed onto temples before bed to aid in sleep or ease anxiety.
  • Vanilla Body Scrub: A blend of Sea Salt, Coconut Oil + Vanilla, this natural body scrub soothes and moisturises. Best used on wet skin in the shower, it’s also a great way to prep skin for flawless tan application.
  • Face Mask: Combination of Coconut, Kaolin clay and Shea butter, this is amazing for cleansing and removing toxins from your skin, while condition and shielding it from moisture loss.

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