Stefan Ackerie is the founder of Stefan Hair Fashions, with the Stefan Corporation currently Australia’s largest, privately owned hairdressing company in the Southern Hemisphere.

Stefan moved to Australia from Lebanon with his family when he was sixteen. His Father and Grandfather were both hairdressers, which inspired him to continue on with the family trade. Stefan has worked tirelessly throughout his career to build his empire and enhance the reputation of the hairdressing industry. He would identify his greatest contributions to Australia as providing outstanding employment opportunities, as well as education and training to thousands of young people. The employment opportunities Stefan has created for Australian’s spreads across the hairdressing, hospitality and boating industries. He has achieved this success by being this inspirational man he is and always sharing his philosophy of “Believe in yourself and never, never, never quit.”

Stefan also has an impressive range of his own branded products, shampoos, conditioners, styling products, bags, make-up, electrical hair products and hair extensions. Stefan has recently launched ECOCOCO, a range of vegan, organic and cruelty free hair care, tanning and body products.

Stefan believes Coconut Oil is the No.1 key ingredient in a healthy and functional daily beauty and hair regime.