The perfect Summer accessory

The holiday season is upon us and we are all looking for the perfect beach accessory, a gift for your bestie or something to stretch out on those park days – well look no further..


  1. SPACE – The huge towel gives you more than double the space of a regular towel to chill out and relax on. No more fighting to get off the hot sand, these is now room for all.
  2. PICNIC – Throw out your uncool and tattered picnic blanket! The amazing round towel is the perfect size and shape for hosting a picnic party.
  3. BEACH DRESS – Wrap, tuck, knot and tie! This towel doubles as a trendy beach dress for when beach days turn into coffee dates.
  4. EXERCISE- Keep a roundie in the boot of your car or in your backpack for those last minute workout sessions. Unroll, layout and get those abs working.
  5. MUST HAVE – To ensure your beach babe status remains off the charts this Summer, an ECO COCO round towel is the unlimited accessory for all your tropical adventures.