Explore a different kind of Exfoliation

We’ve found an easy way for your body to thank you!

Dry Body Brushing is one of the most effective ways to help your lymphatic system by eliminating waste from your body, boost circulation and restore skin vitality.

The ECOCOCO Dry Body Brush is one of our favourite beauty tools for a number of reasons.

Equipped with a long handle to target hard to reach areas and dense bristles for deep exfoliation, the brush is designed to:

+  Remove dead skin cell
+  Even out skin tone
+  Create an ideal base for applying tan
+  Helps to remove tan
+  Helps to reduce cellulite
+  Rejuvenates skin

Pair it with one of our beautifully scented Body Scrubs and see the results for yourself. Shop the range today for a quality treatment at home!

Our Dry Body Brush can be used for Professional body treatments as well. Get in touch with us today if you're a Spa or Beauty Salon interested in becoming a stockist.

Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle.’