Discover the natural power of Ylang Ylang


Natural beauty is all around us.’

Ylang Ylang is the name of a tree with a beautiful aroma and is also a powerful essential oil. This relaxing essential oil possesses stress-reducing properties and can be linked to a number of medicinal and health benefits.

Ylang Ylang has only become better known in recent years as a therapeutic alternative as its antioxidant properties and wellness benefits are undeniable!

When used as an essential oil or an inclusion in beauty products, Ylang Ylang has an uplifting effect on a person’s mood in turn helping to relax the body and work against feelings of depression and anxiety.

Other benefits of Ylang Ylang include:
+   Helps to strengthen nervous system
+   Known to cure seborrhoea
+   Can lower blood pressure

We are proud to have Ylang Ylang as a powerful inclusion in our beauty range with its heavenly scent and amazing effects on the mind and body.

It truly compliments our brand philosophy and can be found in our Skincare range and Spa Edition Body Scrub.

We would love to hear from you today if you’re a beauty spa looking to expand your offering and work with us!

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