Vegan Coconut Oil Body Wash and Shower Gel

Start Your Moisturizing in the Vegan Body Wash Vegan Shower Gel

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If you’ve ever gotten out of the shower with your skin feeling dried out and irritated, you certainly aren’t alone. For most of us, body wash and other shower products are for cleaning, while lotions and skin treatments are for moisturizing and rehydrating your skin. But why can’t the moisturizing step start while you are in the shower? Why can’t your body wash, your shampoo and all of the other products you use to get clean also help your skin, so you don’t have to deal with that awful dried-out feeling when you step out of the shower?

In most cases, body wash and other shower products are commonly very drying and damaging. Loaded with chemicals that are bad for you and your skin, these products get you clean, but at a cost. It’s a cost that no one wants to pay, but beyond not showering, most people just don’t know how to avoid it.

Introducing ECOCOCO’s Coconut Oil Body Wash and Shower Gel

Don’t worry, we’re not actually suggesting that you stop showering. Instead, we’re suggesting that you trade your old body wash for ECOCOCO’s shower gel. Enriched with coconut oil, acai berry, goji berry and a range of other ingredients, ECOCOCO’s vegan body wash will allow you to cleanse your skin without ripping away all of its moisture.

Believe it or not, the molecular structure of ECOCOCO’s coconut body wash is actually similar to your skin’s bio-support network! That statement may or may not read like gibberish, but what it means for you is that our vegan shower gel is capable of restoring deep hydration to your skin, instead of sapping moisture.

Furthermore, ECOCOCO’s coconut oil body wash is rich in Vitamins A, C and E, which can help to heal your skin and prevent it from ageing and wrinkling. Said another way, when you use ECOCOCO’s body wash, you step out of the shower not only without dryness or skin irritation but also feeling younger, healthier and more beautiful. You won’t believe the natural glow that ECOCOCO’s natural body wash can provide until you’ve tried it for yourself!

Switch Out Your Entire Supply of Bathroom Products at ECOCOCO!

If you like the results you are seeing from using ECOCOCO’s coconut body wash, you might consider trying out ECOCOCO’s entire line of vegan beauty products. With our tanning lotion, you can get a healthier and more full-bodied bronze, perfect for the beach. With our shampoos and conditioners, you hair will regain the softness, strength and vibrancy that chemical-heavy hair products tend to sap. And with our aluminium-free deodorants, you will be able to avoid the pesky skin irritation that deodorants or antiperspirants often cause.

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