The Bones Blogger Takes Over : The History of My Hair

The amazing Bella from The Bones Blog takes over the ECO COCO Blog and tells us why she loves our ECO COCO Shampoo and Conditioner. Check it out

The History of My Hair


Like bangs, there comes a time in one’s life where you decide a bob is a good idea, so you confidently stride up to the counter of your hairdresser, and ask for the bombshell. And if you’re like me you will love your hair for about 7 hours before you begin to hate it. This I like to call the cycle of your hairstyle, and it takes place for me after basically every haircut. You need to experiment to truly figure out what suits your face and what is easy for you. Whilst having short hair I have gotten super creative and started using all types of things to experiment with. I really have found what works with my hair and what truly doesn’t.


Its safe to say that I struggled the most with shampoo, because I would use whatever I found within my mum or sisters cupboard, both of which would provide products that wouldn’t do anything for my hair. That’s why I fell in love with Eco Coco’s shampoo so easily. Not only does It make my hair smell like coconuts but its 100% pure, organic and cruelty free. The shampoo and conditioner is made up of coconut oil, which is so beneficial for your hair as it provides shiny and thickness throughout your hair. Coconut oil is also used in Eco Coco’s tanning moisturizer that delivers glowing and hydrated skin.



I tested the tanner a few months back and fell in love because my skin just glowed. Coming into summer was really hard with my (now out grown) bob because I fell in love with the likes of Mimi Elashiry and Elle Ferguson, who both have amazing long hair that radiate summer vibes. The fact that the coconut oil stimulates hair growth really sold me, because due to Elle and Mimi i am so content on having long hair again. The second thing which sold me with these products is that fact that after every wash I woke up the next morning with amazing hair that bounces and is so easy to work with when its time for me to leave the house.



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