Best Self Tanning Moisturiser

Looking for a Self Tanning Moisturiser? ECOCOCO Delivers Certified Organic Ingredients to Achieve the Best Results.

  • Sun Tan Oil

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It’s a perfect day – blue sky, sunny horizons, and not a trace of sticky humidity. You plop down on a warm stretch of sand and smile. It’s time to turn your porcelain skin a darker shade of happy. You’re ready to tan. But you’re not ready for the series of unfortunate events that occurs, with your skin becoming a peeling, puffy mess and your body suddenly burnt.

ECOCOCO suggests trading ultraviolet for ultra-organic. Swap out the sun for a safer, more effective alternative: a self tanning moisturiser. This provides a healthy glow without the seaside struggles.


ECOCOCO has a simple philosophy: offer the best tanning moisturisers and body products on the Australian market, enhancing our customers’ natural beauty with equally natural ingredients. To do this, we rely on the power of certified organics, blending unique formulas together to hydrate, restore, and repair. We infuse each item with proven properties – and this ensures superior results.

We also understand the difficulties of achieving that perfect glow. This is why we offer self tanning moisturisers, letting you show off your skin (and avoid the burn).

Our Products

The quest for the best tan begins – and ends – with the best tanning moisturiser. ECOCOCO delivers the results you deserve. Each of our products offers:

Dihydroxyacetone: Dihydroxyacetone (that’s a big word with an equally big purpose) is the base of all self tanning options. This crucial ingredient is what provides you with a bronze shine, delivering plant-based properties to the skin’s surface.

Organic Coconut Oil: Traditional tanning wreaks havoc on your skin, causing it to dry out, rough up, and wrinkle prematurely. Sunless formulas counter each of these issues – and organic coconut oil even eliminates them completely! It delivers a burst of hydration, fusing every cell with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. This allows your body to repair all of that sun damage and achieve a more supple appearance.

Berry Extracts: Berries aren’t just for breakfast anymore. Instead, they bolster our self tanning moisturisers, with acai and goji extracts providing key antioxidants. Battle those free radicals with ease!

Chamomile: All skin types are not created equal. Some are instead prone to blotches, bumps, and irritation. Chamomile keeps this from happening, soothing irritated tissue and helping to repair damage.

Looking for a sunless tan? ECOCOCO has the products for you!

The Value of Simplicity

A busy schedule leaves little time for beauty. Our self tanning products, however, don’t demand your entire day to apply. Simply massage the lotion across your entire body and let it gradually create the colour you’ve been searching for. (The process usually takes between six to eight hours, with bronzing developing naturally.)

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