Autumn Skincare Tips

After a summer of plenty of sunshine, sand and intense heat, autumn is the perfect time to renew and replenish our skin before we venture into winter! Check out our top tips on how to give your skin the loving it needs this autumn!

  1. Moisturise – this is a crucial step to ensure your skin retains it’s moisture and elasticity. The Eco Coco Tan Extender and Moisturiser is the perfect product for the cooler months, it not only gives you a healthy glow, it will also hydrate and moisturise your skin from head to toe.
  2. Summer may have left your skin dried out and flaky, so renew and refresh by exfoliating with an oil-based scrub! The Eco Coco Body Scrubs contain a rich combination of Sea Salt, Coconut Oil and Lime to give your skin a deep and detoxifying cleanse. It also is the perfect pre-ECO COCO Tan exfoliator to remove dead skin and improve skin texture.
  3. Keep your summer glow – just because the hot weather has left us, it doesn’t mean that you have to let go of your tan too! Choose from our Original Tan or Tanning Foaming Mousse to keep your golden glow all year round!