Glow Girl! Achieving Your Best Tan


With winter already here, we make sure to keep our skin smooth and bronzed. What’s more, we ensure our skin stays nourished by using tanning products from our natural range! Using a blend of natural ingredients like coconut oil and cacao extract, we love the added hydration without any nasty fake tan smell. Here’s how to achieve your best tan and maintain your glow throughout the cooler season.

It’s a given, but making sure you’re hair-free and smooth allows you to achieve an even glow. We love using our Coconut + Vanilla Body Polish both pre and post self-tan. This tub of coconut vanilla goodness is perfect for sloughing away both dead skin cells and old tan, and leaves a fresh canvas for your new glow! You can use this both in and out of the shower, focusing on dry and rough areas like the elbows and knees.

For a smooth, even tan, it’s best to cleanse yourself of any deodorant/perfume or makeup. Top tip: stand in cold water for a while before getting out of the shower. This helps decrease pore size and prevent them from getting blocked with tan.

Applying Body Butter in spots like knees, elbows, hands + feet can prevent additional colour from clinging too much in these areas.

Using a Tanning Mitt avoids streaks and unnecessary stains. Use the mitt and rub the tan into your skin in circular motions for smooth, even coverage.

Time to apply! Our favourite self-tan, the ECOCOCO Tanning Mousse, offers a beautiful formula that nourishes and hydrates the skin while giving an instant rich, bronze tan. It’s lightweight and dries quickly, and allows for a streak-free finish. If mousse isn’t your thing, our range of tanning lotions offer different shades:

  • Tan Extender: For fair to medium skin tones, gradually builds your glow
  • Medium self-tan: Easy to apply lotion for both face + body. Apply like a regular moisturiser before bed and wake up golden brown
  • Dark self-tan: Salon-inspired formula to achieve an ultra-dark tan. Apply like normal moisturiser and shower in as little as 2 hours to a lighter, natural tan, or leave up to 8 hours.

Make sure your tan is dry before hopping in bed, wearing loose clothing to avoid any smudging!

Add extra definition by applying some added tan to darken certain areas of your body. Adding some extra tan on the sides of your legs and outer torso can provide some added definition.

The Tan Extender also helps prolong your tan for up to 7 days while keeping your skin nourished. Top up your tan by applying the Extender like moisturiser and enjoy your glow for longer.

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